NYPD says officer did not rip off anti-Israel activist’s hijab during arrest: ‘Wholly untrue’

NYPD says officer did not rip off anti-Israel activist’s hijab during arrest: ‘Wholly untrue’

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NYPD says officer did not rip off anti-Israel activist’s hijab during arrest: ‘Wholly untrue’

The New York City Police Department defended the actions of its officers by releasing bodycam video that showed an officer gently helping a woman with her hijab after the radical anti-Israel activist claimed she was “brutalized” and her hijab was ripped off by police.

“We are aware of social media posts regarding an individual detained by our police officers yesterday, and accusations that our officers ripped off a subject’s hijab. This is wholly untrue,” NYPP Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtery wrote in a post on X.

The subject in the video, identified as Nerdeen Kiswani, a vocal anti-Israel activist with a history of run-ins with police, took to X to accuse the NYPD of violence against her. 

“Today on the 3rd day of Eid the NYPD brutalized and arrested me and ripped of[f] my hijab; with no warning. For protesting the genocide in Gaza. They refused to allow me to put my hijab back on. Please don’t post photos of me without my hijab on even if you try to block my hair,” Kiswani wrote.


Video shows alleged altercation between Nerdeen Kiswani and a NYPD officer

Nerdeen Kiswani, a radical anti-Israel activist, is seen on NYPD bodycam video with her hijab on after she was detained at a protest. (X/@NYPDDaughtry)

Kiswani posted a short video clip showing what she claimed was her chaotic arrest. The video appears to briefly show her without her head covered.

“Forced to further the dehumanize myself as @NYPDDaughtry unleashed a torrent of racist harassment towards me saying I lied about my hijab coming off,” Kiswani wrote. “Only posting this as it doesn’t show my face. My sister and friend cover my hair after NYPD yanked me up without it.”

Kiswani also posted photos of her alleged wounds, claiming that officers were responsible for them.

“My wrists are bruised my entire upper body is in severe pain. This is the second time they rip off my hijab while arresting me. When I asked to put it back on they covered my face with it and I couldn’t see anything while they yanked my arms and yelled at me to get up,” Kiswani continued. 

Kiswani then called on fellow X users to stand with her and join her in protest.

“This is the time for all those who stand against genocide to truly unite by refusing to support or work with the racist fascist forces brutalizing Muslim and Arab youth because we are protesting the genocide against our people,” Kiswani wrote.

NYPD bodycam video shows an officer gently helping activist with her hijab

The NYPD said accusations that a radical anti-Israel activist was brutalized and had her hijab ripped off by officers was “wholly untrue.” (X/@NYPDDaughtry)

The bodycam video released by the NYPD shows an officer gently attempting to help Kiswani with her hijab. 

“Not only was the hijab not removed from the subject’s head, but our officers once again display the utmost courtesy, professionalism, and respect- by fixing the hijab for the subject. Another example of why your NYPD officers truly are NY’s Finest,” Daughtery wrote. 

Other X users defended the NYPD, claiming this is not the first time Kiswani has “cried wolf.”

“The woman being attested – Nerdeen Kiswani – is one of NYC’s leading antisemites and is a sickening liar,” StopAntisemitism wrote.


Nerdeen Kiswani, anti-Israel activist

Nerdeen Kiswani at Annual Al-Quds Day rally in NYC, 2017. (YouTube)

“It’s very clear from this video that you were treated with the utmost respect. If your hijab came off earlier, I’ve no doubt it’s because you yourself chose to be in a violent scuffle in public. I feel so bad that police have to waste their time on agitators like you,” another user wrote. 

Kiswani claims the video does not show her actual arrest.

“The video the NYPD posted to claim I lied about my hijab is not footage of the arrest, which was violent and humiliating. I was cuffed and yanked off of the ground with my hijab off and wasn’t allowed to fix it before being forced up. Multiple male officers put hands on me,” Kiswani wrote.

Fox News Digital reached out to Kiswani and the NYPD for comment, but has not yet heard back. 


According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Kiswani is the leader of Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL), a radical New York-based group that routinely expresses support for violence against Israel. She has advocated for the dissolution of Israel and organized rallies and protests almost daily since Israel started bombing Gaza after the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.

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